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Windows Phone

Memory-efficient Navigation in Very High Resolution Images on Windows Phone by yan_ Week 37th - September 8th 2013

FreeRotationFilter FitOutside.jpg

This article delivers a re-usable UI control which enables memory-efficient zoom, pan and rotate inside very high resolution (or gigapixel) images.

Nokia Asha

Using Swipe Events with dynamic content in Nokia Asha Web Apps by igordsm Week 37th - September 8th 2013

Asha main.png

Swipe events can only be attached at a <script> if this tag is the last element of the <body>. This article explains how to bypass this limitation to add swipe events to dynamically created elements anywhere in the code.

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Contributors of the Week

Thank you to the community members who contributed last week (image courtesy of Wordle). Special thanks to SB Dev and lpvalente for suggestions and article improvements, and to SB Dev and Kunal Chowdhury for How to terminate a Windows Phone app.


For more detail see Wiki contributor of the week#09 September 2013

Nokia Imaging Wiki Competition 2013Q3

Lumia 1020 main.png

Competition complete
We've selected our winners for both the articles and feedback competitions.

The overall quality was really high - so in addition to our excellent winning articles, also see the other great competition entries.

Thanks to everyone who competed!

COM winner for August: Paulo Morgado

Green Ribbon.gif

Paulo Morgado (paulo.morgado ) has been selected as COM winner for the month of August.

Over the last few months he has written a number of really interesting and useful wiki articles about asynchronous programming on Windows Phone (Bringing async/await to the Contacts service, How to (not) deadlock your UI using async-await) and Reactive Services (Implementing GeoCordinateWatcher as a Reactive Service, Observable vs. Task). He also translated these to his native Portuguese: Trazendo async/await ao serviço de contactos, Como (não) paralisar a UI usando async-await, Observável vs. Tarefa. Finally, we were also pleased to see Paulo offering advice against related articles on asynchronous programming, helping to improve those articles too.

We'll be sending Paulo a Nokia Lumia 720 and a Monster Headset. Please join me in congratulating him on the discussion boards.

Next month we've got another great Lumia device for our Wiki Contributor of the Month. That could be one of our great contributors from last month or it could be you: all you need to do is contribute useful articles, example codes, tutorials, or significantly shape up the existing ones!

Want an Asha 501?

Asha main.png

If your Nokia Asha article is "Featured" for the coming weeks you get an Asha 501 - see the blog for more information!

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