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Scanning folders & subfolders in Symbian devices

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Created: bharatuppal (23 Jul 2007)
Updated: mayur_24 (29 Aug 2012)
Last edited: hamishwillee (03 Sep 2012)
Location: f32file.h 
Link against: efsrv.lib
TBuf<256> defaultImagesPath(_L("c:\\data\\images\\"));
CDir* presentFolder = NULL;
TFileName filteredImages( defaultImagesPath );
// valid Directory in the file system tree
// this version will only work with UI apps as we are using the CEikonEnv
CDirScan* scanner = CDirScan::NewLC(iEikonEnv->FsSession());
scanner->SetScanDataL(filteredImages, KEntryAttNormal, ESortByDate,CDirScan::EScanDownTree);
while (presentFolder)
for(TInt index(0); index < presentFolder->Count() ;index++)
TEntry presentEntry = (*presentFolder)[index];
if( !presentEntry.IsDir() )
/* presentEntry points to content or file inside the folder
so do any operation */

delete presentFolder;

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