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Symbian Signed has been created in response to the mobile market’s requests for a certification program to promote best practise in application design for Symbian OS phones and to establish between an application and its origin. Increasingly, a verifiable signature is being demanded before an application is distributed.
Symbian Signed is designed to address the needs of the entire mobile applications community: from software vendors (ISVs), through distribution channels, operators to end-users (mobile phone subscribers).

Symbian Signed delivers the infrastructure and process necessary for identifying and verifying applications, known as application signing. This is a secure way of identifying an application, authenticating the developer of the application, testing the application against a defined set of criteria and ensuring the application has not been changed since it was tested and signed.

Companies that meet certain process quality criteria defined by Symbian will be permitted to run the tests internally rather than submitting to an external test house. These organizations will be required to confirm that an application has passed the tests and will sign their application against their own ACS Publisher ID prior to requesting a signing against the Symbian certificate. Such an approach substantially reduces the cost of application signing. This approach to signing is also appropriate to organizations such as enterprises that distribute applications within their own employee base.

Companies that are perceived as an existing stakeholder in the mobile application industry can apply for self certification. Companies applying are required to have a complete and documented development and Quality Assurance process, preferably with currently authorised by a recognised organisation (CMM, BSI, ISO, etc). Eligible companies who should apply include:

  • Network Operators
  • Device Manufacturers
  • Large ISVs
  • Publishers/Distributors
  • Enterprise
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