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Devices(s): Nokia E61i, Nokia C7-00
Platform Security
Capabilities: NetworkServices
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Created: everyourgokul (24 Apr 2007)
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Code for sending emails

For sending emails the following code can be used.


  1. Common:
    • setup at least one email account or you will have KErrNotFound leaves
  2. Devices:
    • sends well since 9.1 without capabilities
    • on Belle devices and above the message is saved to Drafts. If you add NetworkServices it will be sent succesfully.
  3. Emulator prerequisites
    • be sure you have the file at <SDK_PATH>\Epoc32\winscw\c\splash.bmp

Header Required:

#include <rsendas.h>
#include <rsendasmessage.h>
#include <senduiconsts.h>

Library needed:

LIBRARY  sendas2.lib

Source File:

    RSendAs session;
User::LeaveIfError( session.Connect() );
CleanupClosePushL( session );
RSendAsMessage sendAsMessage;
sendAsMessage.CreateL( session, KSenduiMtmSmtpUid );
CleanupClosePushL( sendAsMessage );
sendAsMessage.SetSubjectL( _L("Welcome back to symbian") );
//adding 'TO' field
sendAsMessage.AddRecipientL( _L("you@me.com"), RSendAsMessage::ESendAsRecipientTo );
sendAsMessage.SetBodyTextL( _L("somebody@world.com") );
TRequestStatus status;
// adding attachments. Be sure file exists :)
sendAsMessage.AddAttachment( _L("c:\\splash.bmp"), status );
User::WaitForRequest( status );
CleanupStack::Pop( &sendAsMessage );
CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( &session );

The example in original paper was remade from book 'Symbian OS Communications Programming', author Iain Campbell, published in 2007

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