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Sending an SMS message from a Java ME application fails on Dual-SIM device

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Devices(s): C2-00
Created: skalogir (30 Sep 2011)
Last edited: hamishwillee (24 Jul 2013)



On the Dual SIM phone C2-00, when creating a MIDlet that uses the Wireless Messaging API for sending an SMS, the application will fail to send the SMS if the SIM Manager is set to "Ask every time".


By using the Wireless Messaging API, it is possible to send an SMS via a Java ME application. Writing a program that sends an SMS, works fine if either SIM1 or SIM2 is selected from the SIM Manager. However, if "Ask Every Time" is selected, the SIM Selection Window pops up only for a very short time and then disappears, eventually not allowing the user to select SIM. Then the phone displays "sending text messaging", but since no SIM was selected in the previous step, the message remains on the screen and the phone does not return the control back to the application.

How to reproduce

Preconditions: Two SIM cards need to be placed in the phone. The option "Ask Every Time" should be selected in the SIM Manager as follows:

Menu>SIM Manager>Ask Every Time
  1. Compile the code from Listening asynchronously for incoming SMS messages in Java ME or use the compiled .jar and .jad files for the SMSSenderMIDlet attached to the page.
  2. Install the application on the phone by using Nokia Suite or by just transfering the .jar and .jad files to the memory card.
  3. Run the application TestSMS from the phone
  4. Type a valid phone number and a text message
  5. Make sure that the preconditions for this error have been met.
  6. Press SEND

This issue can be reproduced on C2-00 software version 03.45 (released on the 14-06-11).


The only known work around on 3.45 is to select either "SIM 1" or "SIM 2" in the SIM Manager.

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