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Server for SyncML

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Created: kavitaobhan (22 Nov 2007)
Last edited: hamishwillee (26 Jul 2012)

A lot of SyncML source examples are available in the Wiki but nothing about how to test those examples,You need an SyncML server to test SyncML Client. One way to configure the SyncML server is using the Server funambol which is open source but configuring it is a tedious job.

The other alternative thing which I tried and want it to share is Mobical

Brief Description about the procedure

1) Go to Mobical

2) Click on Register, During Registration it ask you for the User Name, Country and your Mobile Number after providing the details it checks for the service available by them in your country if they do then they will send you the Password which you can use to login in to their website

3) On Login they will ask you the number on which you need to configure the Server Settings based on that they will send you the automatic setting by which a Mobical Profile will be Created on your device .

4) By running any SyncML client you can Synchronize things properly. Below I am providing a Link from where you can get SyncML client application.

SyncML Client API example

Data synchronization example application

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