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Setting Item List panics

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Created: feenix (15 Apr 2007)
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Setting Item Lis 8

This happens if you create a Binary Switch Item from a resource file. The values for the AVKON_ENUMERATED_TEXT resources MUST be one(1) and zero (0).

Setting Item Lis 7

Got it when used CAknBinaryPopupSettingItem instead of CAknEnumeratedTextPopupSettingItem in CreateSettingItemL(...).

Setting Item Lis 6

This is the most common of these. It will happen if you create an enumerated text setting item and you set its input as a value that is not in the list. If you create the selection values dynamically, this will happen always if your input value is not zero.

Setting Item Lis 1

This Panic is related to creating a Text Setting Item in a Dynamic Setting List. It occurs if you forget to set empty item text i.e. if you forget to call SetEmptyItemTextL for CAknTextSettingItem.

This panic actually appears while editing the text setting item; when all the characters are erased and its text becomes empty.

See Create Dynamic Settings Pages for more information about enumerated setting items. --TK2000 17:43, 22 January 2009 (EET)

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