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Created: vvsnaresh (14 Apr 2007)
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The following code shows the loading of a bitmap and mask from a multi-bitmap file and constructs the frame, setting its bitmap and mask(which it takes ownership of).

// load the image bitmap from an mbm file
CFbsBitmap* bitmap=new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
User::LeaveIfError(bitmap->Load(KMBMFileName, EMbmAnimFrame1));
// load the mask from the same mbm file
CFbsBitmap* mask=new (ELeave) CFbsBitmap;
User::LeaveIfError(mask->Load(KMBMFileName, EMbmAnimFrameMask1));
CBitmapFrameData* frame1 = CBitmapFrameData::NewL(bitmap, mask);
CleanupStack::Pop(2); // bitmap, mask

CBitmapFrameData::SetBitmap() and CBitmapFrameData::SetMask() could alternatively be used.

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