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Setting up Qt Mobility

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The Qt Mobility Project is a project within Nokia that is creating a new suite of Qt APIs for mobile device functionality. These APIs will enable cross-platform mobile application development.

Note.pngNote: From Qt 5, Qt Mobility APIs are a core part of the platform

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Setting up Qt Mobility

Using Nokia Qt SDK

Qt Mobility comes with the Nokia Qt SDK. After you have installed the Nokia Qt SDK, if you have a Symbian device, you can install Qt and Qt Mobility libraries on your device from:

Windows start menu > Nokia Qt SDK beta > Symbian > Install Qt libraries/QtMobility to Symbian Device

Using Qt Mobility archive on Symbian

Download the archive package and extract it to your development environment.

The qtmobility.sis package must be installed on your Symbian device and the library archive must be extracted into your epoc32 development environment folder. Read more in the INSTALL.symbian file.

Using Qt Mobility Maemo repositories

Qt Mobility 1.0 and Qt 4.6.2 come from the device's (built-in) repositories. Note that the Nokia N900 must have the latest 'PR1.2' firmware (V 10.2010.19-1) that is available as an OTA update or by using the Nokia Software Updater. The Maemo 5 SDK also includes these Qt and Qt Mobility versions for development.

Install Qt Mobility packages into Scratchbox:

fakeroot apt-get install libqtm-dev

Install Qt Mobility packages on the device:

// Enable rootsh that enables you as root, see "rootsh" from Application Manager
// and Maemo Extras repository
sudo gainroot
// Install all
apt-get install libqtm-*
// or what you want
apt-get install libqtm-multimedia
apt-get install libqtm-bearer
apt-get install libqtm-verisit
apt-get install libqtm-publishsubscribe
apt-get install libqtm-serviceframework
apt-get install libqtm-location
apt-get install libqtm-messaging
apt-get install libqtm-contacts
apt-get install libqtm-sensors
apt-get install libqtm-messaging
apt-get install libqtm-systeminfo

Developers who want to try Mobility examples can add the following catalogue to their devices:

Catalog name: Tools
Distribution: fremantle/tools
Components: free non-free

and then install the package with

apt-get install qt-mobility-examples.

Developers don't need to add the Tools repository to Scratchbox.

NOTE: Old experimental Mobility packages have been removed from extras-devel.

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