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Created: lpvalente (03 Mar 2009)
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This snippet represents a simple deserializer of some basic Python types.

Source Code

import struct
class Deserializer:
__file = None
__open = False
def __readBasicDataType (self, which):
assert self.__open
d = self.__file.read (struct.calcsize(which))
n = struct.unpack (which, d)
return n [0]
def __init__ (self, filename):
self.__file = file (filename, "rb")
self.__open = True
def readLong (self):
return self.__readBasicDataType ('l')
def readUlong (self):
return self.__readBasicDataType ('L')
def readByte (self):
return self.__readBasicDataType ('b')
def readFloat (self):
return self.__readBasicDataType ('f')
def readDouble (self):
return self.__readBasicDataType ('d')
def readBytesAsString (self, num):
assert self.__open
return self.__file.read (num)
def close (self):
assert self.__open
self.__open = False
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