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Smart Ringtone: Enhancing the music player

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To change a ringtone there are two options available to the user,

  1. setting the ringtone through profiles and
  2. setting the ringtone from music player.

Smart ringtone will benefit the user in the following ways:

  • Ringtones can be changed after a pre-defined period set by the user.
  • Ringtones can be grouped on the basis of genres, artists etc. So users will enjoy the ringtones of their choices without changing them manually all the time.

How it works

We already have the Music Player for:

  1. Editing song details(genre and artist).
  2. Setting the song as ringtone.

Additions required for Music Player:

  1. To set the time interval to change the ringtone.
  2. To change the ringtone after the specified interval based on genre or artist (This can be done with the help of an exe server also, which will run in background).

Users will enjoy their favorite ringtones. For example, classical ringtones for a week, pop ringtones for the next week and so on.

Design Tips

  • If user has assigned individual ringtone to some contact, that should be given preference.
  • Should provide a setting option to change the user preferences like, the time interval for changing the ringtone.
  • The server application should run on autostart.
  • Provide an option to turn on/off the application.

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