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Sogeti High Tech

Sogeti High Tech is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capgemini Group. Capgemini has been founded by Serge Kampf in Grenoble (France) in 1967 based on the following belief: to meet customer's expectations an IT services company should be independent from any HW or SW suppliers and look at what IT can do to help progress business. The Capgemini 2007 revenues were 8.7 billions euros, with a headcount of 83 500 people worldwide. The activities linked to Telecom represent 9% of the 2007 Capgemini revenues.

FY 2007, the Sogeti revenue were 1.49 billion euros, with a workforce of over 18,382 staff spread over 200 locations. Our commitment is to accompany our customers on the long term, to allow them to achieve their strategic goals, offering the creativity and the power of an international group, leader in high added value services. Within Sogeti, Sogeti High Tech is dedicated to the following sectors:

  • Engineering R&D
  • Embedded software
  • Scientific calculation
  • Engineering sciences

The 2006 Sogeti High Tech revenues were 180 M€ with a headcount of 2500 people. Sogeti High Tech quality process is certified for:

  • EN 9100
  • ISO 9001 V2000
  • CMMI Maturity Level 3
  • DO-178B

Sogeti is deeply involved in the Software Control & Testing activity sector; with more than 1600 professional worldwide fully dedicated to the test activity. One of the results of this involvement and of more than 30 years of experience in testing is our internationally recognized methods TMap®, the Test Management approach for structured software testing and TPI®, the Test Process Improvement model for improving test processes.

Approach to Customers

All the applications are tested by IT engineers, permanent employees of Sogeti High Tech and under the supervision of a dedicated Technical Leader. The Mobile Phone Testing Service is deeply engaged in Symbian Signed, Symbian Signed for Nokia and Symbian Signed for Sony-Ericsson channels. Customer care focused, we are working very closely to the main stakeholders to improve the added value of these different lines of test. Part of the Capgemini expertise network, Sogeti HT Testing Service is in direct link with "Telecom, Media & Entertainment", the Capgemini branch dedicated to helping companies achieve strategic goals and world-class results in this environment of increasing opportunity. (http://www.capgemini.com/services-and-solutions/by-industry/telecom-media-entertainment/overview/).

Our approach is to help you to keep the TTM objectives by limiting the time needed to pass the criteria, while delivering a high added value services. This approach has been awarded by our customers; the Mobile Phone Testing Services has been ranked to:

  • 9,21 of 10 by Nokia in customer satisfaction survey
  • 8,2 of 10 by Symbian in customer satisfaction survey
  • 4.70 of 5 by ISV from Symbian Signed program (on both rapidity and quality criteria)

Sogeti High Tech lead-time

Our objective is to deliver within 5 days (1). The mean lead-time is 2 days. Days are counted from the date our account Department acknowledges your payment to delivery day.

Sogeti High Tech Deliverable description

Our delivery is based on the following advantages:

  • Your application are fully tested against the whole test plan
  • Detailed test reports, including the following sections per non-conformity:
    • Test case purpose.
    • State of the application before test case.
    • Actual results.
    • Steps to reproduce.
  • Suggestions.
  • Dedicated distribution lists:
    • nokiatesting.fr@sogeti.com
    • symbian.signed.fr@sogeti.com
    • uti.testing-house.fr@sogeti.com
  • And the resulting benefits for you are:
    • Quick response times
    • Quicker certification
    • Support during the process
    • Support for analyzing the fail cases
    • A dedicated team of testers, all permanent engineers of Sogeti High Tech

We know that report's audience is very large: development team, management, marketing, your own customers. The whole team is focused to give to the different report's readers the information they need to handle at their own level the application conformity toward the Symbian Signed Criteria. Our objective is not only to deliver a report, but to deliver a consistent, clear, and valuable one.

Submission Regulations:

The regular process is to submit your application onto the Symbian Signed website (https://www.symbiansigned.com/app/page). On this page, you may find useful explanations and details about the process and best practices.

The different steps of the process are then scheduled through this website:

  • Submission,
  • Quotation,
  • Quotation acceptance,
  • Report and signed application delivery (if it passing all the Symbian Signed criteria).

It's important that the submission package includes:

  • The SIS of the application to be tested,
  • User manual,
  • Waiver requests (Please see below, "Waiver request notes")
  • Capabilities Request Form (enclosed) if your application is using any of the "Phone manufacturer approved" capabilities
  • If we need to configure the device in a specific way, please provide the parameters (mainly for the IAP)

It's always valuable, that we have a contact in your team to support us during the test, in case we need to.

At submission time you will be able to choose the target device for the test. If you wish that we test on additional devices, you have the possibility to precise them by email or on the submission forms.

Waiver process:

According to Symbian Signed policies:

"If you are unable to conform to a Test Case in the Symbian Signed Test Criteria and believe there is a valid reason why you are unable to conform you may be able to apply for a Waiver. Waivers are only granted in special circumstances and developers should make all attempts to conform to the Test Criteria."

In such case, you should send to us your waiver request; one waiver request per behaviour not in line with the criteria. You may provide to us your waiver request at submission time, by including them into your submission package or by email during the test or after the report delivery. SOGETI HIGH TECH is not taking any decision about the waiver requests. The requests are sent to the stakeholders (Symbian or the manufacturer of the device you choose at the submission). As soon as we receive the stakeholder's feedback about your request, we notify you of their decision, and we act according to (as for example signing the application).

Depending of its complexity and of the information provided, the management of a waiver request may take from few hours up to several days. Sogeti High Tech put in place specific secured communication tools in collaboration with the stakeholders to ensure efficient and swift answer to your request.

Please keep in mind the following notes from Symbian Signed documentation:

Important note: Waivers are not acceptable for Express Signed submissions and any submissions made with Waivers will be failed. Submissions that require a waiver must be submitted through Certified Signed.

Important note: Waivers are a once-only exception to a particular test case. Your application can be signed with an appropriate waiver once. At future testing and signing instances, your application (even updates) is either expected to pass the test case or you will have to re-apply for the waiver.

Test Pricing

There is a fixed price of €150 per submission for all standard submissions.

Applications can be tested against the whole list of handsets supported by Symbian Signed.

If your application requires testing against different handsets please contact us and we will do our best to support your requirements.

Contact Information

Sogeti HT Mobile Application Testing Services 485, avenue de l'Europe 38330 MONTBONNOT France

By phone: Tel : +33 4 76 52 63 26

By emails: nokiatesting.fr@sogeti.com symbian.signed.fr@sogeti.com uti.testing-house.fr@sogeti.com

For more details, please see the Sogeti HT website: http://mobiletesting.fr.sogeti.com/

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