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Solutions to common Carbide issues

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Created: seppo_fn (03 Apr 2007)
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IDEs are Eclipse-based development environments for Symbian OS C++ application development. In this page, the issues related to the free version of the IDE, Carbide.c++ Express v1.1, are gone through.


GCCE 3.4.3 does not produce right description for the parent class "CAknAppUi"

See the topic GCCE for a solution to this issue.

Carbide importer limitations detected during MMP import

When importing SDK examples into Carbide.c++, the IDE might display the following kind of warning. In this case, the specific warning that Carbide.c++ gives in the Problems view is usually “Importer limitation – MMP keyword ignored:LANG”. It is caused by the “LANG SC” line in the .mmp file.

Carbide importer warning.jpg

NOTE All keywords are now recognized during the import process in Carbide.c++ v1.2.

"An error has occurred. See error log for more details"

Sometimes Carbide.c++ gives an unknown error (see figure below). See error log from Window > Show View > Other > PDE Runtime > Error Log for more details.

Unknown Carbide error.jpg

"Workspace in use, choose a different one"

This error also occurs if Carbide.c++ has become a so called zombie process and tried to be launched. In that case, kill Carbide.c++ process (javaw.exe) by using Windows Task Manager and then launch it. Workspace in use error in Carbide.jpg

This error is sometimes a consequence of corrupted .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.ui.workbench/workbench.xml file. Try to remove it when Carbide hangs up on startup. This deletes your (mostly) layout-related settings. Less drastic solution is to clean the editors section inside this file, e.g. with this markup:

<editorArea activeWorkbook="DefaultEditorWorkbook">
<info part="DefaultEditorWorkbook">
<folder appearance="1" expanded="2">
<presentation id="org.eclipse.ui.presentations.WorkbenchPresentationFactory"/>
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