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Submitting your application for Symbian Signed testing

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  1. Visit the Symbian Signed website at
  2. Log in using the username and password you created when you first registered.
  3. Select ‘My Symbian Signed’ tab at the top of the page.
  4. Then select ‘Applications’ on the left hand menu, and ‘Submit’ (if the application is intended to be freeware then please follow the freeware link).
  5. Select the test house you require to test your application.
  6. Once you have selected a test house you will be shown your user information. You can add or edit information for this specific submission if you wish. Note that changing any details during this step will result in a change to your main account details.
  7. You must now submit your application details including the application name, a description and which phone(s) it runs on.
  8. Finally, you must submit the actual application itself and supporting materials (see ‘what to submit’ below for details).

What to submit in the ZIP file

The following files/documents are required to be included in the ZIP file you submit.

  • Your SIS file (only signed with your Publisher ID). This will be tested by the test house, and, if successful, the SIS file will be re-signed with a unique application certificate and returned to you for distribution.
  • A completed Readme.txt or a user guide in PDF format. This should include any release notes and quick advice on how to use the application (OR a separate user guide should be included within the ZIP file in its own right).

What to submit for a pre-installed application

The PA type SISX files are special cases. They do not contain the actual binaries or data files to be installed on device, only matadata about them. Still, the submission procedure does not change from what is documented in Express Signed (Symbian Signed) or Certified Signed (Symbian Signed)

In this case the sis file to be signed with Publisher ID and later submitted to Symbian Signed is the PA-type stub. There is no need to include the binaries in the zip file.

Since the binaries are not included in the submitted file, the test house will not be able to test your application (including in the case of Express Signed, if your app is selected for audit). Therefore the readme.txt file submitted with the sis file should make note of this special situation and you should be be ready to submit the files to the test house when/if requested to do so. (Make sure to backup the binaries of the release to be signed, so that you can send the working version of the app to the test house and not your recent buggy build).

Submission Tips

It is in your interests to ensure everything you submit is likely to pass the testing process. Therefore be sure that you have completed the following steps.

  • Read the testing specification and guidelines available on the Symbian Signed website and ensure your application follows the provided guidelines. Avoid submitting an application that you know will fail a test – unless you have a relevant waiver(s) in place. Equally, avoid using the testing process as a way to test your application in the hope of finding any failures or

defects – this is not a cost-effective method of bug fixing!

  • Prior to signing the application with the Publisher ID verify that the SIS file you are supplying does install correctly on the phone(s) you require it to be signed against. When you have signed the application with your Publisher ID the application will not install on the majority of handsets until Symbian Signed.
  • Verify that the ZIP file you are about to submit contains all the required files and completed documentation.

Symbian Signed Checklist

  • Ensure correct spelling and grammar throughout your resource files and any user-visible text.
  • Help files included in the SIS file (if applicable).
  • 'About' screen with correct version information, etc.
  • Consistent terminology with phone/UI and/or other industry applications.
  • Ensure application operates in accordance with any supplied documentation.
  • You have correctly applied UI style guidelines in your application as recommended by the SDK provider.


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