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Application developers can handle the compatibility of their application at installation time by setting the Platform ID or Product ID in the .pkg file. This then warns the user when attempting to install incompatible software. The Machine UID can be used for detecting the device identity at run time. There are also other methods of identifying the device or platform; these are described in the document S60 Platform: Identification Codes.

Note that from S60 3rd Edition onwards, the product IDs of all devices are also maintained in the Nokia Developer Device Specifications, which is the primary publishing place for device specification information and will also hold the product IDs as soon as the device is announced.

Platform Device Platform ID Product ID/Machine UID
S60 3rd Edition, FP2: 0x102752AE  
  Nokia 6210 Navigator   0x2000DA54
  Nokia 6220 Classic   0x2000DA52
  Nokia N78   0x20002D81
  Nokia N96   0x20002D82
S60 3rd Edition, FP1: 0x102032BE  
  Nokia 5700 XpressMusic   0x20002D7C
  Nokia 6110 Navigator   0x20002D7B
  Nokia 6120 Classic / 6121 Classic   0x20002D7E
  Nokia 6290   0x20000606
  Nokia E90   0x20002496
  Nokia E51   0x20002498
  Nokia N76   0x2000060A
  Nokia N81 / N81 8GB   0x20002D83
  Nokia N82   0x20002D85
  Nokia N95 / N95-3 NAM   0x2000060B
  Nokia N95 8GB   0x20002D84
S60 3rd Edition: 0x101F7961  
  Nokia 3250   0x200005F8
  Nokia 5500 Sport   0x20000602
  Nokia E50   0x20002495
  Nokia E60   0x20001856
  Nokia E61   0x20001858
  Nokia E61i   0x20002D7F
  Nokia E62   0x20001859
  Nokia E65   0x20000604
  Nokia E70   0x20001857
  Nokia N71   0x200005FF
  Nokia N73   0x200005FB
  Nokia N75   0x200005FE
  Nokia N77   0x20000601
  Nokia N80   0x200005F9
  Nokia N91   0x200005FC
  Nokia N92   0x200005FA
  Nokia N93   0x20000600
  Nokia N93i   0x20000605

Supported IDs of S60 1st and 2nd Edition devices and Nokia N-Gage game decks

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