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Switch a nine part element in to a single part in carbide.ui

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Created: kamalakshan (29 Jun 2009)
Last edited: hamishwillee (07 May 2012)

Switch a nine part element in to a single part in carbide.ui

1) Select a nine part element in Carbide.ui. In this example we have selected an Active Call Bubble.

6-29-2009 7-45-40 PM.png

2) Right-click on Active call bubble in the Component view of carbide.ui

3) Select the option Switch to Single Piece Element

6-29-2009 7-49-03 PM.png

4) The Replace confirmation window opens and prompts you to confirm if the image can be replaced with the current visible image.

5) Click OK.

6) In the Layers view, you see that the image consists of a single part.

6-29-2009 7-49-25 PM.png

Slice a component into nine pieces:

In a smilar way you can slice a single piece component in to nine pieces.

Note: This feature is not applicable for Series 40 themes

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