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Symbian Belle UX changes impact on WRT widget toolbar

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Nokia Belle
Created: isalento (23 Sep 2011)
Last edited: hamishwillee (12 Aug 2012)

This article explains what is the Nokia Belle UX change impact on Symbian Web Runtime widget toolbar.

One of the most visible changes in Nokia Belle UX is a new toolbar. In the new toolbar Options and Exit soft keys are reversed and icons are used instead of text labels. See details here: Symbian Design Guidelines

This change has some impact on on how the WRT Menu API works, but the changes do maintain compatibility of existing WRT code.

Reversed soft keys

Platform takes care of reversing soft keys.Please note that WRT menu API function names have not been updated, thus from Belle onwards, API calls to manipulate left soft key impact the right soft key and vice versa.

  • setRightSofkeyLabel is automatically mapped to left soft key on Nokia Belle device (Back button)
  • setLeftSoftkeyLabel is automatically mapped to right soft key on Nokia Belle device (Menu button)

Soft key Labels

Soft key text labels are no longer supported on Nokia Belle. setRightSoftkeyLabel and setLeftSoftkeyLabel can still be used to customize the operation attached to right or left soft key. The icons shown in toolbar cannot be changed in WRT apps.

Custom push button support

Adding custom push buttons to e.g. center of the toolbar is not supported in WRT apps. If you want to have a menu with custom push buttons between back and menu, you must implement your own custom menu using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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