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The following tools may be part of the extended tool chain for Symbian C++ application development:




C/C++ Compilers

Symbian specific tools

  • bldmake
  • abld
  • petran
  • elftran
  • makesis
  • signsis
  • createsis
  • devices
  • makekeys
  • Raptor (SBSv2) - This replaces the bldmake/abld toolchain. Detailed documentation for SBSv2 is provided in the document "Raptor Build System", and the "Raptor Quick Reference"article just gives a brief overview of the syntax and how it compares with abld. Both of these documents are reproduced in the word document inside the root of File:Raptor-project.zip.

Nokia tools

  • Nokia Connectivity Framework
  • Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit


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