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Source file: Media:LowMem S60 v 1 4 Signed.zip Media:InsideSymbianSqlSampleCodeChapter2.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Carbide.c++ Hello World Template for S60 and UIQ Templates.zip Media:Symbian OS cpp for mobile phones v3 Example Code.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Contacts and Agenda Example Code.zip Media:DevCertRequest 2.3.zip Media:Multimedia on Symbian OS Tuner API Example Code.zip Media:VerifySymbianSigned v2.4.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Multimedia Example Code.zip Media:TC-ConvertP12.zip Media:Multimedia on Symbian OS Onboard Camera Example code.zip Media:Common Design Patterns for Symbian OS Example Code.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Handling Example Code.zip Media:Symbian OS Explained Hercules-v9 Example Code.zip Media:Multimedia on Symbian OS Multimedia Framework Audio Example Code.zip Media:Games on symbian os code examples.zip Media:InsideSymbianSqlSampleCodeChapters3 4.zip Media:S60 Programming a tutorial source Example Code.zip Media:Vs pkcs.zip Media:LowMem UIQ v 1 4 Signed.zip Media:Developing Software for Symbian OS vol2 Example Code.zip Media:Multimedia on Symbian OS Image Conversion Library Example Code.zip Media:Symbian OS Explained Hercules-v7 Example Code.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Connectivity Example Code.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Graphics Example Code.zip Media:Wikipedia src v1.0.zip Media:SymbianFoundationWikiText.zip Media:Symbian OS Explained Ecom Example Code.zip Media:Multimedia on Symbian OS Multimedia Framework Video Example Code.zip Media:Vs pkcs.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Graphics and Drawing Example Code.zip Media:PortingFromLinux GuitarTunerExample.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Telephony Example Code.zip Media:UnSIS Setup.zip Media:LowMem S80 v 1 4 Signed.zip Media:Symbian os communications programming book v2 example code.zip Media:Quick Recipes on Symbian OS Location Based Services Example Code.zip
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This article is used to track documents that have been, or which might be migrated from the Symbian Foundation wiki.

Tip.pngTip: The Symbian Foundation Migration Project is largely complete!

Most of the important articles have been migrated. While some other articles and other resources may still be moved, it is more likely that they won't be. If there is a specific article that you need, please add it yourself from the wiki text in this file or symlab, add/or a comment to this article.

We will endeavour to migrate specific articles that are seen to be particularly valuable.


  • Articles from Symbian Foundation Wiki are licensed under Creative Commons, and must have the {{Licence-SymbianFoundation-CC-BY-SA-2.0}} template applied (usually at the end)
  • Where documents have been migrated without review the {{SymbianFoundationMigratedContentWarning}} template should be applied. After the document has been reviewed this template may be removed.
  • The list of articles that have been migrated, but not reviewed are available here. You can help by
    • fixing links
    • ensuring that correct categories are used,
    • checking there is no duplication with existing FN documents and merging if there is.



Miscellaneous (category not checked)

Plan to migrate

  • Localised content (ie Russian, Chinese, Japanese)
  • SDN Archive
  • SDN Knowedgebase


Symbian Signed


Self Signed




Planning to migrate

May Migrate

  • Qt Quick Start
  • Qt Development on Linux
  • Qt for the Symbian Platform (Product Overview)
  • Qt for the Symbian Platform (Product Overview)/zh-hans
  • Qt Quick Start/ja
  • Qt Quick Start/ru
  • Qt Quick Start/zh-hans

Not intending to Migrate

  • A Guide to Creating a Qt Environment using binaries on Windows
  • About Qt List User Interfaces
  • About Qt on Symbian (Trail)
  • About Qt on Symbian (Trail)/ja
  • Developing a Qt Application (Trail)
  • Direct UI
  • Getting Started with Qt (Trail)
  • Getting Started with Qt (Trail)/ja
  • Getting Started with Qt (Trail)/zh-hans
  • Nokia Qt SDK
  • Nokia Qt SDK/ja
  • Nokia Qt SDK/Troubleshooting
  • Nokia Qt SDK/Troubleshooting/ja
  • Nokia Qt SDK/Using the Command Line
  • Orbit
  • Qt APIs for Mobile Use Cases
  • Qt Applications for Symbian Devices
  • Qt Creator Quick Start
  • Qt Blog
  • Qt Blog/Animations using Qt
  • Qt Blog/Drawing using Qt
  • Qt Blog/Getting Started with Qt
  • Qt Blog/Qt Connections
  • Qt Blog/Signals and Slots
  • Qt Blog/The QPainterPath
  • Qt in a Nutshell
  • Qt in a Nutshell/ja
  • Qt in a Nutshell/zh-hans
  • Qt Licensing
  • Qt Licensing/ja
  • Qt Q&As
  • Qt Q&As/ja
  • Qt Reference Documentation
  • Qt SDK & Development Environment
  • Qt SDK & Development Environment/ja
  • Qt Technical Overview
  • Qt Technical Overview/ja
  • Qt Technical Overview/zh-hans
  • QWidget Hello World
  • Rss/Qt
  • Symbian^3 application UI design



Not planning to migrate anything else in this category

Symbian C++


Planning to migrate

Not intending to migrate

  • How to Optimize Symbian SQL Server Usage/ja
  • FleaC - A Smarter API for Symbian OS
  • Category:Symbian C++
  • Rss/Symbian C++




Plan to migrate

Not planning to migrate

  • Symbian Press Books A to Z by Author
  • Symbian Press Books/Symbian???????/zh-hans
  • Symbian Press Books/??????????(???)/ja





  • Performance Investigator Analyser Carbide Extension - newer but less comprehensive version of Analyzing Application Performance with the Carbide.c++ Performance Investigator (if you bring over, might be worth tagging as “should be merged with ...”)
  • Carbide.c++ UI Designer – is missing pictures, not sure if the designer is a long term offering, but I’d bring it over if you can.

Will not migrate

  • Carbide.c++ Run mode Debugging of Qemu using TRK
  • Carbide.c++ Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Carbide.c++ Q&As

Articles that require review

Nokia Developer wiki articles "migrated" to SF

The following articles have been marked as "moved to the Symbian Foundation" and it is possible that SF has now a newer/better copy of them. If so, the good copy should be brought back and only one copy maintained (with redirect), otherwise the template should be removed.

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