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The following glossary explains the meanings of some of the less common and Symbian OS-specific acronyms used within this book.

ABI Application Binary Interface
ACM Abstract Control Model
AGCH Access Grant CHannel
AP Application Processor
ASIC Application-Specific Integrated Circuit
ASID Application Space IDentifier
ASSP Application-Specific Standard Part
BBM Bad Block Manager
BCCH Broadcast Control CHannel
BP Baseband Processor
BPP Bits Per Pixel
BSP Board Support Package
BPK Base Porting Kit
CBCH Cell Broadcast CHannel
CDC Connected Device Configuration
CISC Complex Instruction Set Computer
CLZ Count Leading Zeros
CPL Current Privilege Level
CPSR Current Program Status Register
CS Code Segment
DACR Domain Access Control Register
DDK Device Driver Kit
DFC Deferred Function Call
DMA Direct Memory Access
DSA Direct Screen Access
DSP Digital Signal Processor
ECC Error Correction Code
EDF Earliest Deadline First
EIP Extended Instruction Pointer
ELF Extended Linker Format
EKA1 EPOC Kernel Architecture 1
EKA2 EPOC Kernel Architecture 2
ESP Extended Stack Pointer
FAT File Allocation Table
FACCH Fast Associated Control CHannel
FDB File Data Block
FIFO First In, First Out
FCCH Frequency Correction CHannel
FIQ Fast Interrupt reQuest
FOTA Firmware Over-The-Air
FTL Flash Translation Layer
GC Graphics Context
GDT Global Descriptor Table
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
IAT Import Address Table
ICE In-Circuit Emulator
IDB Indirect Data Block
IDE Integrated Development Environment (if related to debugging)
Integrated Drive Electronics (if related to disk drives)
IDFC Immediate Deferred Function Call
IDT Interrupt Descriptor Table
IMB Instruction Memory Barrier
IPC Inter-Process Communication
ISR Interrupt Service Routine
ITC Inter-Thread Communication
LDD Logical Device Driver
LFFS Log Flash File System
LRTA Legacy Real-Time Application
LRU Least Recently Used
MDF Multimedia Device Framework
MMC Multi Media Card
MMF Multi Media Framework
MMU Memory Management Unit
OOM Out-Of-Memory
OPL Open Programming Language, the
OSB Off-Screen Bitmap
OTG On-The-Go
PASR Partial Array Self Refresh
PCH Paging CHannel
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PDD Physical Device Driver
PIC Programmable Interrupt Controller
PIL Platform-Independent Layer
PIM Personal Information Management
PM Power Management
PSL Platform-Specific Layer
QoS Quality of Service
RACH Random Access CHannel
RCA Relative Card Address
ROFS Read Only File System
RPL Requestor Privilege Level
RTC Real-Time Clock
RTOS Real-Time Operating System
SACCH Slow Associated Control CHannel
SCH Synchronization CHannel
SDCCH Stand-alone Dedicated Control CHannel
SDK Software Development Kit
SID Secure IDentifier
SOC System-On-Chip
SPC SCSI Primary Commands
SWI SoftWare Interrupt
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCE Trusted Computing Environment
TCH Traffic Channel
TCSR Temperature Compensated Self Refresh
TLB Translation Look-aside Buffer
TR Task Register
TSS Task StateSegment
TTBR Translation Table Base Register
TWIP TWentIeth of a Point
UART Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UDC USB Device Controller
UID Unique IDentifier
VFP Vector Floating Point
VIC Vectored Interrupt Controller
VID Vendor IDentifier
VT Video Telephony
XIP eXecute In Place

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