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Reproduced by kind permission of John Wiley & Sons.

Symbian OS is an advanced, customizable operating system, which is licensed by the world′s leading mobile phone manufacturers. The latest versions incorporate an enhanced security architecture designed to protect the interests of consumers, network operators and software developers.

The security architecture of Symbian OS v9 is relevant to all security practitioners and will influence the decisions made by every developer that uses Symbian OS in the creation of devices or add–on applications. Symbian OS Platform Security covers the essential concepts and presents the security features with accompanying code examples.

This introductory book highlights and explains:

  • the benefits of platform security on mobile devices
  • key concepts that underlie the architecture, such as the core principles of ‘trust’, ‘capability’ and data ‘caging’
  • how to develop on a secure platform using real–world examples
  • an effective approach to writing secure applications, servers and plug–ins, using real–world examples
  • how to receive the full benefit of sharing data safely between applications
  • the importance of application certification and signing from the industry ‘gatekeepers’ of platform security
  • a market–oriented discussion of possible future developments in the field of mobile device security

Title Symbian OS Platform Security: Software Development Using the Symbian OS Security Architecture
Author(s) Craig Heath
Publisher Wiley
Publishing date February 2006
ISBN # 0470018828
# of pages 274
Subject Symbian
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