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Created: hamishwillee (11 Jan 2011)
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Page 102-103

  • The table on 102 says 8 maps to 8 maps to 1 maps to C2 and EPanicClient.
  • Directly opposite on 103 the text walks through this example, but says the action is EFailClient not EPanicClient. If we are panicing, KErrPermissionDenied is not returned. So either the diagram needs correcting, in which case there wouldn't be any EPanicClient examples in the diagram and there needs to be one from a teaching point of view; or the text needs to be corrected. I'd get back to the author as he'll know what he wants to achieve.

Page 104

  • The first paragraph "If you get confused..." is a combination of wrong, misleading and difficult to understand:
    • the IPC number does not go through a reverse lookup, currently a binary chop search is used in CPolicyServer::FindPolicyElement();
    • the sentence also uses the term "forward lookup" twice, this is not a term I've found having looked in several computing dictionaries.

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