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This article becomes obsolete as the Symbian Signed service was closed.

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Signing Options

You can use Express Signed or Certified Signed. Either of these options will give you the ability to freely distribute your application after signing.

For either of these options, you will need a User guide: Symbian Signed. If you have a Publisher ID from TC TrustCenter then you can use that. You can use the same Publisher ID for this as you used for testing your application.

Express Signed and Certified Signed both require that your application complies with the Symbian Signed Test Criteria. You will run the tests yourself and enter the results with your submission if you opt for Express Signed. If you opt for Certified Signed, then a Test House will run the tests for you. Because if the independent nature of the testing involved with the Certified Signed option, more Capabilities are available to you using that option.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Express SignedCertified Signed
www.symbiansigned.com login required? Yes Yes
Publisher ID required? Yes
Must be a TC Trustcenter Publisher ID
Either TC Trustcenter or Verisign Publisher ID can be used.
Installation restricted by IMEI number? No No
Suitable for commercial deployment of application? Yes Yes
Capabilities Available User Capabilities
System Capabilities
All capabilities are available, but see article on Device Manufacturer Capabilities for details of how to be granted AllFiles, TCB and DRM.
Ongoing cost $200 per year for Publisher ID $200 per year for Publisher ID
Cost per application signing One Content ID @ 10€ 230€ charged by the Test House
Time taken to sign application Immediate Depends on chosen Test House but likely to be several days at least
Application must comply with Symbian Signed Test Criteria Yes - compliance subject to audit post-signing Yes - compliance will be independently verified by the Test House

Why should you use Express Signed?

If you are an experienced developer, and have used Certified Signed to sign your application in the past, then Express Signed is a good choice for you. You will be required to run the full Symbian Signed Test Criteria on your application and submit the results when you submit your application for signing.

You should only use Express Signed if you have successfully passed all of the relevant tests in the Symbian Signed Test Criteria, as your application may be subject to a random audit after you have signed it.

Express Signed is an immediate signing method, and there is no delay in waiting for your signed application. However, it's absolutely vital that you have run the Symbian Signed Test Criteria prior to submission and so you need to factor the time taken to do this into the plan for your application.

Why should you use Certified Signed?

Certified Signed is the option you should go for if you've not signed an application before using Symbian Signed or if your application uses capabilities that are not permitted for Express Signed. The Test House will thoroughly test your application against the Symbian Signed Test Criteria and give you a full report of the results. If your application passes the tests, then you will be able to download your signed SIS file from the Symbian Signed portal. If your application fails the test criteria, then your test report will give you details of where the failures occurred.

Each time you submit your application to Certified Signed, you incur service fees from the Test House. In order to avoid unnecessary test failures, you should test your application against the Symbian Signed Test Criteria before you submit it.

Because of the independent testing which forms part of Certified Signed, you are able to get access to more sensitive Capabilities than you would if you were using Express Signed.

Because Certified Signed involves sending your application to a Test House, signing is not instant. The time taken to test and sign the application depends on the test house you choose. You should always factor the time taken to sign the application into the plan for your application. A "Fast Track" option is available for Certified Signed, but the signing will still not be instant.

Application signed using Certified Signed are not subject to future audit, and so once your application is signed, you can deploy it freely.

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