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Created: hamishwillee (16 Dec 2010)
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Currently, all embedded sis files must be signed independently before being embedded within the containing sis file which must then also be signed.

The new test criteria introduced on 5th January 2010 do not change this situation.

As stated elsewhere, it's a condition of using Express Signed that your submission can be chosen, for audit - though we accept that if you have divided your application into multiple .sis files it may not make sense to audit one of those files in isolation.

If your embedded .sis files cannot be tested in isolation, then you should make this clear in the readme.txt file which you include with your submission. You should tell us in readme.txt why your embedded .sis cannot be tested in isolation and make it clear to us what we need to do in order to get the other .sis files necessary to enable your submission to be tested.

Generally, if you have a containing .sis file, you should make available to us a version of the larger .sis file containing the same version of the embedded .sis which you submitted here.

If you are unsure how this may affect your submission, then you should contact the Symbian Signed team to discuss this further.

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