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Symbian development on Linux and OS X

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Created: mawei1981 (31 Aug 2007)
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There are a few different toolsets and approaches available for doing Symbian development on unix systems. The three main approaches are:

  • Replacing the build system with makefiles (and include files for the makefiles). Pros of this approach are that the build system is much lighter and more customisable. Cons are that all applications need both the traditional mmp-file based approach (used in the official SDKs) and makefiles specifically for this environment. This kind of approach is available in the sdk2unix package by Rudolf König. This is only available for EKA1 SDKs, i.e. Symbian 1st and 2nd ed., and UIQ 2.
  • Modifying the perl build scripts to work in an unix environment. The build system is almost identically similar to the one in the official SDKs, and one single mmp-file works everywhere. The downside is that it is as heavy and inflexible as the original one. Initial work on this was done by Alfred E. Heggestad in the GnuPoc project, and updated GnuPoc SDK patches are maintained by Martin Storsjö. The latter package also includes support for Symbian 3rd ed and UIQ 3 SDKs, including new tools, enabling building completely without wine.
  • Importing the mmp files into an IDE. There's an Xcode plugin by Tom Sutcliffe, which supports both Symbian, UIQ and S80, but currently only for EKA1.

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