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TLanguage enumeration

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Handy table for TLanguage vs. PKG language translation

Table 1: Language, sorted initially by Enum order
Language Enum value Enum PKG lang-code
Test ELangTest 0 NA
English (UK) ELangEnglish 1 EN
French ELangFrench 2 FR
German ELangGerman 3 GE
Spanish ELangSpanish 4 SP
Italian ELangItalian 5 IT
Swedish ELangSwedish 6 SW
Danish ELangDanish 7 DA
Norwegian ELangNorwegian 8 NO
Finnish ELangFinnish 9 FI
English (American) ELangAmerican 10 AM
Swiss French ELangSwissFrench 11 SF
Swiss German ELangSwissGerman 12 SG
Portuguese ELangPortuguese 13 PO
Turkish ELangTurkish 14 TU
Icelandic ELangIcelandic 15 IC
Russian ELangRussian 16 RU
Hungarian ELangHungarian 17 HU
Dutch ELangDutch 18 DU
Belgian Flemish ELangBelgianFlemish 19 BL
English (Australian) ELangAustralian 20 AU
Belgian French ELangBelgianFrench 21 BF
German (Austrian) ELangAustrian 22 AS
New Zealand English ELangNewZealand 23 NZ
French (International) ELangInternationalFrench 24 IF
Czech ELangCzech 25 CS
Slovak ELangSlovak 26 SK
Polish ELangPolish 27 PL
Slovenian ELangSlovenian 28 SL
Chinese (Taiwan) ELangTaiwanChinese 29 TC
Chinese (Hong Kong) ELangHongKongChinese 30 HK
Chinese (People's Republic of China) ELangPrcChinese 31 ZH
Japanese ELangJapanese 32 JA
Thai ELangThai 33 TH
Afrikaans ELangAfrikaans 34 AF
Albanian ELangAlbanian 35 SQ
Amharic ELangAmharic 36 AH
Arabic ELangArabic 37 AR
Armenian ELangArmenian 38 HY
Tagalog ELangTagalog 39 TL
Belarussian ELangBelarussian 40 BE
Bengali ELangBengali 41 BN
Bulgarian ELangBulgarian 42 BG
Burmese ELangBurmese 43 MY
Catalan ELangCatalan 44 CA
Croatian ELangCroatian 45 HR
English (Canadian) ELangCanadianEnglish 46 CE
English (International) ELangInternationalEnglish 47 IE
English (South African) ELangSouthAfricanEnglish 48 SA
Estonian ELangEstonian 49 ET
Farsi ELangFarsi 50 FA
French (Canadian) ELangCanadianFrench 51 N/A
Gaelic ELangScotsGaelic 52 GD
Georgian ELangGeorgian 53 KA
Greek ELangGreek 54 EL
Greek (Cyprus) ELangCyprusGreek 55 EL?
Gujarati ELangGujarati 56 GU
Hebrew ELangHebrew 57 HE
Hindi ELangHindi 58 HI
Indonesian ELangIndonesian 59 IN
Irish ELangIrish 60 GA
Swiss Italian ELangSwissItalian 61 SZ
Kannada ELangKannada 62 KN
Kazakh ELangKazakh 63 KK
Khmer ELangKhmer 64 KM
Korean ELangKorean 65 KO
Laothian ELangLao 66 LO
Latvian ELangLatvian 67 LV
Lithuanian ELangLithuanian 68 LT
Macedonian ELangMacedonian 69 MK
Malay ELangMalay 70 MS
Malayalam ELangMalayalam 71 ML
Marathi ELangMarathi 72 MR
Moldovian ELangMoldavian 73 MO
Mongolian ELangMongolian 74 MN
Norwegian Nynorsk ELangNorwegianNynorsk 75 NN
Brazilian Portuguese ELangBrazilianPortuguese 76 BP
Punjabi ELangPunjabi 77 PA
Romanian ELangRomanian 78 RO
Serbian ELangSerbian 79 SR
Sinhalese ELangSinhalese 80 SI
Somali ELangSomali 81 SO
Spanish (International) ELangInternationalSpanish 82 OS
Latin American Spanish ELangLatinAmericanSpanish 83 LS
Swahili ELangSwahili 84 SH
Finland Swedish ELangFinlandSwedish 85 FS
Reserved for future use ELangReserved1 86 NA
Tamil ELangTamil 87 TA
Telugu ELangTelugu 88 TE
Tibetan ELangTibetan 89 BO
Tigrinya ELangTigrinya 90 TI
Cyprus Turkish ELangCyprusTurkish 91 CT
Turkmen ELangTurkmen 92 TK
Ukrainian ELangUkrainian 93 UK
Urdu ELangUrdu 94 UR
Reserved for future use ELangReserved2 95 NA
Vietnamese ELangVietnamese 96 VI
Welsh ELangWelsh 97 CY
Zulu ELangZulu 98 ZU
Other (deprecated) ELangOther 99 NA
English with terms as used by the device manufacturer, if this needs to be distinct from the English used by the UI vendor ELangManufacturerEnglish 100 ME
South Sotho, a language of Lesotho also called Sesotho (SIL code sot) ELangSouthSotho 101 ST
Basque ELangBasque 102 BA
Galician ELangGalician 103 GL
English as appropriate for use in Asia-Pacific regions ELangEnglish_Apac 129 EA
English as appropriate for use in Taiwan ELangEnglish_Taiwan 157 YW
English as appropriate for use in Hong Kong ELangEnglish_HongKong 158 YH
English as appropriate for use in the People's Republic of China ELangEnglish_Prc 159 YP
English as appropriate for use in Japan ELangEnglish_Japan 160 YJ
English as appropriate for use in Thailand ELangEnglish_Thailand 161 YT
Malay as appropriate for use in Asia-Pacific regions ELangMalay_Apac 326 MA
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