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The LIBS variable in the .pro file holds the libraries to link into a Qt project.

On the Symbian platform, the build system makes a distinction between shared and static libraries. If no extension for the library file name is specified, qmake will try to select the type of the library automatically.

For example,

 LIBS += lmylibrary

will cause qmake to generate a STATICLIBRARY mylibrary.lib statement in the .mmp file if a static library (lib) exists for mylibrary. Otherwise, it will be linked as a shared library (using the LIBRARY mylibrary.lib statement).

To specify the type of the library explicitly, add the proper suffix to the library name:

 LIBS += lmylibrary.dll     # mylibrary is a shared library


LIBS += lmylibrary.lib     # mylibrary is a static library


To specify that the library is either shared or static, add a .dll or .lib suffix, respectively, to the library name.

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