Enabling auto-startup for applications preinstalled in external memory (e.g. MMC)

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Platform(s): S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
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Enabling auto-startup for applications preinstalled in external memory (e.g. MMC)


Stub SIS files for preinstalled applications residing on a MultiMediaCard (MMC) or hard drive (HD) cannot contain embedded SIS files, nor copy files to the 'Import' folder of the SW installer component. This means that preinstalled applications cannot be added to device's startup list using the methods described in the document "Startup List Management API Technical Specification" (S60 3rd Edition SDK for Symbian OS API Reference Guide)


The necessary resource file, which is used to invoke the addition of an application to the device's startup list, may be copied to the 'Import' folder of the SW Installer component by launching a PU-type SIS file from the application that needs to be updated.
Below is an example of launching a SIS file:
#include <APGCLI.H> // link against apgrfx.lib
RApaLsSession iApaLsSession;
_LIT( KAStartSISFileName2, "E:\\Autostarter_PU.SISx" );
TThreadId threadId;
TInt err = iApaLsSession.StartDocument( KAStartSISFileName2, threadId );
The contents of the pkg-file used to create the PU-type SIS file (Autostarter_PU.SISx) would be similar to:
; Autostarter_PU.pkg
;Language - standard language definitions
;Standard SIS file header
#{"Autostarter"},(0xe2c5bc1f),1,0,0, TYPE=PU
;Localised Vendor name
%{"Vendor Name-EN"}
;Unique Vendor name
:"Vendor Name"
;Supports S60 3rd Edition
[0x101F7961], 0, 0, 0, {"Series60ProductID"}
;Files to install
;Copy the autostart control resource file to SW Installer's 'Import'-folder
"\epoc32\data\[e2c5bc1f].rsc"   -"c:\private\101f875a\import\[e2c5bc1f].rsc"

Alternative solution

Same as the above, but instead of using PU patch, a type SP patch is used. The advantage with this is that the preinstalled application retains its non-removable status also after applying the patch. The downside of this solution is that a type SP patch shows up as a separate entry in the Application Manager and can also be removed, in which case the auto-start feature will be lost.

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