Restoring original settings of a Symbian device

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Platform(s): S60 2nd Edition FP2 and FP3
S60 3rd Edition
S60 3rd Edition (initial release)
S60 2nd Edition (initial release)
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Restoring original settings of an S60 device


Restoring the original settings of S60 devices can be done either from the Settings application or by entering a special sequence in the idle mode. For most devices it is also possible to restore the settings during startup.


Restoring original settings
In idle mode, type in the following sequence: *#7370# or go to Tools -> Settings -> Phone sett. -> General and select 'Orig. phone settings'. Enter the phone lock code and press OK. Make sure that the battery does not run out while restoring the settings.
Format at startup
Press and hold the Send (green), '*' and '3' keys immediately after powering up the device. This has the same effect as restoring the original settings.

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