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Launching Calendar application in day view


The following code example demonstrates how to launch the Calendar application in day view. The date will be specified with the aDate parameter. If aDate is NULL, Calendar will open the view in current date (today).

Capability requirements: SwEvent


 #include <w32std.h>    // RWsSession (ws32.lib)
 #include <apgtask.h>   // TApaTaskList,TApaTask (apgrfx.lib)
 #include <apgcli.h>    // RApaLsSession (apgrfx.lib)
 #include <apaid.h>     // TApaAppInfo (apparc.lib)
 #include <apacmdln.h>  // CApaCommandLine (apparc.lib)


   // UID of the Calendar Application:
   const TUid KCalendarAppUID = { 0x10005901 };
   // Format strings for constructing parameters passed to Calendar
   _LIT( KCalCmdTODAY, "TODAY" ); 
   _LIT( KCalCmdDATE, "DATE " );
   _LIT( KCmdTimeFormat, "%F%Y %M %D %H %T %S %C" );
   #define KCalTimeParamMaxLen 36


   void LaunchCalendarL( const TTime* aDate )
     TBuf<KCalTimeParamMaxLen> paramsBuf( KCalCmdTODAY );
     // if a specific date is given, construct command line parameters
     // using "DATE YYYY MM DD HH MM SS MMMMMM" format
     if( aDate )         
       aDate->FormatL( paramsBuf, KCmdTimeFormat() );
       paramsBuf.Insert( 0, KCalCmdDATE );
     // package the parameters, so it can be passed
     // as an 8-bit descriptor
     TPckg< TBuf16<KCalTimeParamMaxLen> > paramsPkg( paramsBuf );
     // Check if the Calendar is already running
     TApaTaskList taskList( iCoeEnv->WsSession() );
     TApaTask task = taskList.FindApp( KCalendarAppUID );
     if( task.Exists() )  // Calendar already open
       TInt ret = task.SendMessage( KNullUid, paramsPkg ); // requires SwEvent       
     else  // Launch Calendar in day view
       TApaAppInfo appInfo;
       RApaLsSession lsSession;
       CleanupClosePushL( lsSession );
       if( lsSession.GetAppInfo( appInfo, KCalendarAppUID ) == KErrNone )
         // Construct a CApaCommandLine instance and start Calendar
         CApaCommandLine* cmdLine = CApaCommandLine::NewLC();
         cmdLine->SetExecutableNameL( appInfo.iFullName );
         cmdLine->SetCommandL( EApaCommandRun );
         cmdLine->SetTailEndL( paramsPkg );
         lsSession.StartApp( *cmdLine );
         CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy( cmdLine );
       CleanupStack::PopAndDestroy();  // close lsSession
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