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When an application uses the GPS capabilities to get the position information, an error is returned from the GPS Requestor if no GPS position method is set. However, if Bluetooth GPS is available but the user cancels the connection request when prompted, there seems to be no response from the Requestor.


When the Bluetooth GPS is enabled and the Bluetooth selection dialog is canceled, the KPositionQualityLoss error in the RunL of NotifyPositionUpdate method is returned. If the device status is now requested using the RPositionServer GetModuleStatus API, EDeviceError is returned, and this indicates that the dialog has been canceled.

The code snippet for getting the device status is

    TPositionModuleId iModule;
TPositionModuleStatus iModuleStatus;
TInt err = iModuleStatus.DeviceStatus();
//err contains EDeviceError in this case.
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