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Changes to AppArc framework in Symbian^3

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Devices(s): All devices based on Symbian^3
Platform(s): Symbian^3
Keywords: TApaAppEntry, apparc.dll, KUidFileRecognizer, CApaFileRecognizerType
Created: User:Kbwiki (17 Jun 2010)
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The following changes have been introduced in the AppArc framework in Symbian^3:

  • The TApaAppEntry class has been reclassified from publishedAll to internalComponent and the definition and implementation have been moved from apparc.dll to a new private DLL (applist.dll).

TApaAppEntry is a "data object" class encapsulating data about a single application. It was erroneously marked as publishedAll, but all APIs that actually return an object of this type or take an argument of this type are internal. Making this change will allow significantly improved encapsulation of the AppArc code and thus re-implementing of the "app list" functionality of AppArc in a much better way in the future.

  • The unused UID constant definitions KUidFileRecognizer, KUidFileRecognizer16, KFileRecognizerUidValue8, and KUidFileRecognizer8 (all of them had previously been classified as publishedAll) have been removed.

These were previously used together with the deprecated class CApaFileRecognizerType, which has now been removed.


Applications that use the TApaAppEntry object will not start on Symbian^3 based devices.


Affected applications are expected to remove this dependency from their code or to link against the new DLL (applist.dll).

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