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06 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090906)

Application can have one or more active object and thus it require active scheduler. Active Scheduler is responsible for scheduling active objects. Active objects is considered as parallel to multi-threading in symbian. Active Scheduler schedules Active objects in a non-pre-emptive way. By default GUI application have Active scheduler, but for exe we need to create and add active scheduler before using active objects.

This article describes what is active scheduler and how to add it in GUI application as well as exe, which helps beginners to implement Active objects in application.

06 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090906)

The most critical feature of Symbian OS multi-tasking. Mainly Symbian OS is designed for limited memory devices like mobile phones. In other operating systems used in the devices with much memory e.g. personal computer, multi-tasking is acheived by multi-threading. But because of limited memory, in symbian there is only one thread and multi-tasking is acheived by active objects. Active Scheduler is used for scheduling of Active objects. Generally in Active objects non-pre-emptive scheduling is used.

This article gives us the basic information about the active scheduler and how to create it. The construction of active schedular is described breifly. How to create an Active schedular and add active object in it is well- explained in the mentioned article.

For a beginner Active-Schedular becomes a complex topic to study. The simple way to learn this feature is given in this article which can become useful to the beginners.