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Talk:Adding equalizer to the Symbian C++ audio player

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Dear all!

Background: I have successfully built and installed the example application on my Nokia N95 device using the demo signing site from Symbian (

Problem: However, when I try to extend the application, trying to create a new Preset for the equalizer I run into various truble:

The new equalizer preset itself is indeed created and I can see and choose it in the equalizer list from the N95 media player equalizer preset list. BUT the equalizer band settings I wished to store within this new presest is not stored at all. I.e only the default settings are contained within the new equalizer preset.

Can any hint me what I do wrong here?

The altered code is stated below:

TInt32 levelMin, levelMax;

// this exists ok on target if(iMdaAudioPlayerUtility) {

    if(iAudioEqualizerUtility == NULL)
         iAudioEqualizerUtility = CAudioEqualizerUtility::NewL(*iMdaAudioPlayerUtility); // this exists ok on target
    iBandNum = iAudioEqualizerUtility->Equalizer().NumberOfBands();           //this is printed in the device N95 and is correctly = 8
    iAudioEqualizerUtility->Equalizer().DbLevelLimits(levelMin, levelMax);    //these levels are retrieved and printed on device N95
    TInt nn = iAudioEqualizerUtility->NumberOfPreDefinedPresets();
    TBuf<50> buffer; 
    buffer = iAudioEqualizerUtility->GetPresetL(nn-1);
    iBuf = buffer;  // this preset is printed correctly on target N95 (= Rock)
    // used to create a dummy preset name to for testing purpose.      
    _LIT( KHello, "AABBCC" );
    TBuf<100> something;

    // here I just try to set a value on the fourth equalizer band in order to try to verify if this value is really stored in the device
    // However, this new band value is NOT stored. Why not????
    iAudioEqualizerUtility->Equalizer().SetBandLevelL(4, 11);
    //This new equalizer preset name shows upp after creation in the media 
    // player on the N95 device. But the band value I wanted to store did not show upp, why??		
    iAudioEqualizerUtility->CreatePresetL(something, iAudioEqualizerUtility->Equalizer());


Note: I apply all capabilities allowed using the demo signing at and have set the following capabilities in the .mmp file: ReadDeviceData ReadUserData SwEvent TrustedUI UserEnvironment WriteDeviceData WriteUserData