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Talk:App Notifications on WP8 Lock Screen

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Chintandave er - Reviewed !

Hi Aady, Thanks for this article. I have sub-edited and reviewed.

I have some suggestions for this which can help you to improve this article and make it more valuable for this contest.

  • This article is referenced from MSDN article So you should make this article more by creating demo application which get some news using RSS and show it in lock screen.
  • You can attach source code of your current demo to this article.
  • You haven't shown 'Creating a lock screen icon in your article' as shown in referenced MSDN article. You can explain more than MSDN and also implemented in demo source code.
  • You haven't shown Linking the lock screen settings screen from within your app in your article as shown in referenced MSDN article.
  • You haven't shown screen shot of Lock screen notification. You should include this.
  • As I told above, you can create a real life app using this functionality.

Anyway, this is some suggestions to improve the value of your article and help you to compete in Windows Phone 8 contest. It you up to you to follow or not.

Thanks again, Chintan Dave.

Aady - Thanks for the review

Hi Chintan,

Thanks for your feedback. Will try to add to add your suggestions.



Aady 22:01, 15 December 2012 (EET)