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Hamishwillee - Subedited - some suggestions

Hi ShiKaZ

I've subedited this slightly to provide improved readability and better adherence to some of the more standard wiki conventions (ie use of Icode for code markup). You have done a good job in that respect - and I particularly like how you've linked with the "official" documentation.

In terms of structure you will note that I moved the XAML code first - I think most people will use XAML, so it is "more important".

In terms of "suggestions for improvement", I would suggest a few changes.

  • Firstly, I would put the complete XAML "solution" first, and then explain it in parts. This makes sense because the code is relatively small and can actually be understood in one chunk.
  • There is a duplicated section explaining how to create the image folder. Suggest you have this once under its own heading and then link to it in both places.
  • The switch between C# and VB does distract from the messaging. Might be best to have separate sections for both (top level headings)

As you know (from the blog) I'm slightly opposed to reinventing the wheel/duplicating material well covered on MSDN. That said, I think you've done a fairly good job here, and its always useful to have an example people can try.



hamishwillee 07:33, 12 September 2012 (EEST)


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