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Featured article, October 12th 2008 (week 42)

18 Sep
Article Review by rahulvala (20090918)

This article is the best for the beginner who are just starting their development in python programming.

This article give information about variables, operators and how to use conditional loops and functions .

Also this article gives information how to use modules. At last user can develop simple application using python programming. This article gives useful application for the beginner.

21 Sep
Article Review by User:Yashwanth.krishnan (20090921)

This article is must read for all the beginers in Python Language. Python is an dynamic programming language which have wide applications in mobilaizing applications.

The auther described allmost all the syntaxes of the basic python features with some suitable examples. Also can be seen that the key concepts of Python like Variables, Operations, Control structures(Loops & Cond. statments) etc

The mobile applications for S60 OS is devoleped using PyS60 Introduction to PyS60

The PySymbian needs some modules(Standard Library Functions) to imported(linked) to the program. The auther briefly describs the method of importing modules to our programs. He also explains the developing, saving & testing the S60 applications..


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