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Talk:Basic Windows Phone application with Expression Blend

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Hamishwillee - I think title should include "Expression Blend"

Hi Vishal

I think title should include "Expression Blend" - since you've just created three topics all pertaining to create a new app. It is simply confusing.

As per my other feedback, if this was designed initially for a workshop you need to consider that much of the context is not present. Mention what expression blend is, how you get it, why you use it and when (comparing to visual studio). My understanding is that you use if for the UI and creating XAML, and then you can simultaneously open the project in Visual Studio and use both. If you're creating an article for absolute beginners this needs to be explained.

Also, do any of these articles overlap what is on MSDN or in the tools themselves? If so, we need to consider what it is that these articles add over and above that documentation. There is no point creating duplication. Thoughts?



hamishwillee 09:38, 23 January 2013 (EET)