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Infos about Windows BT Stack

I tried to create a combined device (keyboard + mouse) and set up custom data structure for this. First there was the keyboard report followed by the mouse report. But it didn't work.

It seems that a bt hid device is always in "boot mode" and the respective data structure is used. Hereby mouse movement don't work, curiously enough mouse buttons do. The standard 101/102 keyboard layout is used btw. If someone could verify this or give me (and others) a hint to get away from boot mode that would be nice.

My guess is there is wrong/missing in class of device field of Nokias phones. But to change this you need the NetworkControl capabilities which I don't have :)

More info

Yes, Windows plain BT stack has exception. It seems to be that Windows uses COD to determine device, various other stacks look for COD and query SDP for more information. It is possible to create multiple device profiles, eg. keyboard + mouse. Both will use same sockets for communicating.

Report should be sent only when something has changed, otherwise it doesnt make sense. Mouse movement is delta from point where it were, do not send X/Y coordinates as mouse don't know anything about those and it will not know screen resolution. And for the boot mode, look the code and you will not SDP record what tells is it in boot mode or not.

Testing is easier with Linux desktop. Windows installs always driver and stores information to registry, even you remove device, it will keep registry information and if you don't delete those by hand then old registry values are used even you reinstall device. This affects to report ID's and therefore can show device to be installed and identified correctly but doesn't work as expected.

--jupaavola 11:23, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

Tomigaspar - Windows and Toshiba Bluetooth stacks question


I have tried connecting to my notebook which had Toshiba stack, but I couldnt, I installed Windows stack, but results were simmilar. I had no luck installing other stacks, as my bluetooh adapter is integrated and somehow Broadcom stack cannot be installed(Installation will freeze at one point). Therefore I want to ask whether there is someone working on this issues? If not I was actualy thinking about giving it a try myself, but I have no experience with bluetooth or symbian development. So it would be a long shot.

with regards


tomigaspar 12:43, 12 December 2011 (EET)

Hamishwillee - You might want to private message the author

Hi Tomi

There is no guarantee the author is watching this article. I suggest you private message them, or raise query on discussion boards cross linking here. That will get more eyes on your problem



hamishwillee 07:24, 14 December 2011 (EET)


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