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Talk:Carbide.c++ Tutorial 3 - Using List view

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09 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090909)

The aricle represents step by step implementation to create an GUI application with listview with the use of UI Designer. The image implementaton given is very good so that the beginners can easily understand the soul concept. Moreover the articles named Carbide.c++ Tutorial 1 - Helloworld and Carbide.c++ Tutorial 2 - Getting Input from user are also for developer's reference. This article is the 3rd serie of these mentioned articles. A beginner will require to refer the Carbide.c++ Tutorial 1 - Helloworld article to know abot how to create an apllication with UID and run it.

To create GUI application with User Interface Designer(UID) makes it simple to create an user-interface in your application. The UID provides ready-made views for your application. The article simply represents how to create an application with List veiw with UI designer.