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Talk:Carbide.c++ Tutorial 2 - Getting Input from user

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09 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090909)

this article is well explained and shows step by step image based explanation to be followed. But if tit had coupled and showed the output in a label control, then might be a great article.

The article well-explains the step by step procedure to create an application with UID with gets input from user. The article explains the one of many ways to get input from the user i.e. Single Line Data query input dialog. The article also contains image implementation to simplyfy the description. The article is the 2nd series of Carbide.c++ tutorial. You are supposed to refer the first serie i.e. Carbide.c++ Tutorial 1 - Helloworld to get an idea about creating a new project with UID and runing it.

The article simply takes input from user using UID and displays on the screen. Beginners will find it very useful for their further progress.


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