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21 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090921)

This article is the 4th serie of "Carbide.c++ Tutorial" series. This artilce demostrates an example simple setiings view using UI Desgner. It necessary to refer Carbide.c++ Tutorial 1 - Helloworld to know creating and running a new GUI application with UI Designer and Carbide.c++ Tutorial 3 - Using List view to know to create view based application.

You can also refer Carbide.c++ Tutorial 2 - Getting Input from user to know how to get input from user.

This article illustrates a step-by-step implementation to creat a settings view with Carbide.c++ UI designer. All the reqired image-implementations and screen-shots are given to help beginners with their explaination. Theses seies are very beneficial to beginners to understand these primary things and help them for their further progress and I really appreciate the developers who help beginners.