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29 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090929)

This article is the 6th article of "Carbide.c++ Tutorial" series. You can refer the full series at Carbide.c++ Tutorials. This article represents step by step implementation to create a simple S60 3rd edition application with UI Designer, which generates an application with a dialog.

All the reqired information is represented lucidly with image-implementations and screen-shots to help beginners in their initial stage. This article also provides a demostrated code example to understtand it more clearly. If beginners want to learn the basics of creating and running a new project with Carbide.c++, Carbide.c++ Tutorial 1 - Helloworld is best article for them.

This article can be helpful to beginners to create a wait dialog in their S60 application with UI Designer.


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