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Talk:Changing Title Pane Text

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// a patched verison, which does not include subPane declaration // because CEikStatusPaneBase::TPaneCapabilities is an // inner class, it is not supposed to be declare as // an automatic in the function (causing problem). // And the TUid titlePaneUid is updated to TPaneId // although they are actually the same by #define, // the strongly typed compiler may have warning.

void CUi::ChangeTitle()

   TPaneId titlePaneUid;
   CEikStatusPane * statusPane;
   // peter: subPane = xxx model is doing memory copy
   titlePaneUid.iUid = EEikStatusPaneUidTitle;
   statusPane = StatusPane();  // CAknAppUi

   // original:
   // if ( subPane.IsPresent() && subPane.IsAppOwned()... )
   if ( statusPane->PaneCapabilities(titlePaneUid).IsPresent()
     && statusPane->PaneCapabilities(titlePaneUid).IsAppOwned() )
       HBufC* titleText;
       CAknTitlePane* titlePane ; 
       titlePane = 
           (CAknTitlePane*) statusPane->ControlL(titlePaneUid);

       // read the title text from the resource file
       titleText = StringLoader::LoadLC(R_TITLE_MAIN);

       // set the title pane's text