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Hamishwillee - Minor subedit/comments

Hi Sara

Thanks for this. I've given it a relatively minor subedit to do things like move the final image up the top - I think its useful to do that as early as possible. Also removed notes like "does not use MVVM" because IMO there is no expectation that it will. A couple of typos and added a link to a great reference :

I updated the introduction - as you had it there was no information about "why you would choose to use this control". That question is usually answered by "what does this control offer me out of the box". Normally you'd got into that in a bit more detail, but does that for you so in this case best to just reference that.

Then the question is "if the reference is so good, why do I create this example" - basically because you're providing a real worked practical example with downloaded code. That has value.

There is IMO more work to be done.

Some questions I don't believe are answered by this:

  • Where is the Version set? If this takes the value from some manifest file then that needs to be stated.
  • Where is the title set?
  • How does the code know about the XAML used to define the body? Specifically I THINK it is because you say in C# "Body = new AboutControl() " and the XAML has "x:Class="NokiaDev.AboutPageSample.Controls.AboutControl" - is that obvious to someone who knows XAML/C# and if not then you should explain please
  • The title and body overflow - are there some rules about using these?

In terms of the structure I think I'd have sections under implementation:

  • Structural overview - possibly - what I'm looking for here is a statement of how we'll construct and use the control. For example covering that we'll set the version and title in the code (if thats the case). That for the other bits we do it in the Body. That the body definition is linked to the code by XXXX, That we can launch the prompt from a button click defined in XAML.
  • Project creation - what you have already including Nuget
  • "How to launch the control" which includes the button click. It should also have any "using" statements needed and anything else required - Version, Title if set here.
  • "Defining prompt Body text" (or similar) - the XAML.
  • I don't think it is needed to list out the XAML for the home page (or its C#). In the "How to launch the control" I'd just mention that the button code is called in the Home page and link to the file in projects.

Lastly, can we fix the picture so it doesn't overflow?

Hope that makes sense!



hamishwillee 07:59, 12 April 2013 (EEST)


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