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06 Sep
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Symbian C++ toolchain consists of many utilities and provides sufficiently powerful features to build applications for Symbian OS. However, the diversity of tools and their interaction often produce errors and causes of such errors are rather difficult to understand. In this article you could find list of the most common problems and ways to solve them.

The content of this article will be useful for newcomers, regardless of what they use to build applications: IDE Carbide.c++ or command line only. Finding the reasons of the strange errors like ¨CreateProcess((null), mwccsym2.exe ... failed" or "error: file I/O fault" usually takes quite a lot of time. Thanks to this article, you could use this time for more useful purposes. As a supplement to this article, it is useful to consider the contents of "Moving to Vista" article, because these problems often have a common nature.


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