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Talk:Como usar Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit - MessageBoxService

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Hamishwillee - English version update

Hi Sara

The English version has been updated (mostly) to new structure: How to use Cimbalino Windows Phone Toolkit - MessageBoxService. You might want to copy/translate this, but even if not, I strongly suggest adding a screenshot of your example app in the introduction.

Thank you.



hamishwillee (talk) 07:51, 15 November 2013 (EET)

Saramgsilva - Response


saramgsilva (talk) 16:56, 15 November 2013 (EET)

Hamishwillee - Thank you

Note that this will need image when you have time to create one. Note also that if possible the other version should be updated with appropriate boilerplate under each of the new headings - if that gets updated you might want to reflect that here too.



hamishwillee (talk) 02:29, 18 November 2013 (EET)