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Talk:Create Dynamic Settings Pages using Symbian C++

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18 Sep
Article Review by deepikagohil (20090918)

This article contains a good information to create dynamic settings page. It is useful at the times when you want to design setting page dynamically and not designed them beforehand in the Resource file. It is bit complicated but the article makes it easy to understand.

The article contains all the required information to add a dynamic setting page i.e. library files and header files required, source code at each level etc. The article explains each topic in detail. Moreover it also discussion about the possible panic situations (You can follow the internal link for that).

The article can be very useful to beginners and intermediate developers to study creating dynamic settings page.

24 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090924)

Nearly all GUI applications require settings page to allow user to do some application specific settings, for example to set GPRS access point in a application which use GPRS. As mentioned in article CAknSettingItemList is right class to create settings page. You can create settings page either using resource file or you can create dymamically by calling methods of CAknSettingItemList class.

The author of this article created class CSettings, which is inherited from CAknSettingItemList, to create settings list. The class CSettings is very useful to beginners who does not know how to use CAknSettingItemList. You can also create settings list by making CAknSettingItemList as a member of your class.

Even nothing wrong in creating static settings list using the method described in this article, as i always use this method.