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Talk:Create Flash Applications with Carbide.c++

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Featured article, January 3rd 2010 (week 1)

If you have a Carbide C++ or Symbian SDK related issue, please use the discussion boards to get help

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Please ask anything, I'll try to reply in a timely manner ;o)

'"Q:"' is it possible to force landscape or portrait mode for the swf using this stub?

A: Since it only acts as a launcher, you have to do the tricks inside the SWF.

Q: Hey i did exactly as told in the tut. the app installs but it doesnt work. it jus opens and empty flash screen and closes :(

A: Did you use a swf of your own? Are you sure it a) Works in the device b) Is named correctly. It's case sensitive, so make sure that also the .swf extension is in the same case as the example

Q: Hi thanks for this great tutorial. However i want to know how to package a swf that has resource files with it (swf/txt etc). I didn't fins any examples of packaging a swf with its resource files into a sis using carbide yet.

A: You just need to add them to the same folder than the .swf and add corresponding lines to the .pkg file so they will be copied over. See how the .swf is copied in the .pkg file for reference.

TIP: There's a memory limitation when embedding Flash Lite content with Flash Stub. If you are getting the -6 "bad image error", you have to create your own Flash Lite launcher. This error happens with the Nokia 5530 without the Flash Lite software update. How to make Flash Launcher with Symbian C++

--Risalmin 12:47, 30 March 2010 (UTC)


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