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09 Sep
Article Review by savaj (20090909)

Both GUI application and exe may require connect to remote server (Or connect to internet) using GPRS. And for connecting to internet/remote server require access point on device. Usually the operators send a settings SMS that when saved creates the IAP and access point on the device. Although device might have one or more access point, application may need to create a new access point , for example if application want to allow user to connect to internet through that access point only.

This article describes how to create new access points, how to set Connection Preferences, how to create IAP and much more things, which helps beginners as well as experienced developer.

Nice working code, but for a beginner this code does not make any sense as there is no comments inside the code and no explanation but still this code is flawless in doing what is suppose to do .--skumar_rao 18:12, 10 September 2009 (UTC)

Gsmmobiledev - Protected IAP

Great code example. My question is does anybody know how to create an access point that is protected (locked)? These access point entries appear in the connections manager with a small lock icon. This is useful when you want to protect the connection details (i.e. password, etc.) from browsing. These types of access points are usually created by a software install and then removed when the user removes the software. I can't seem to find any API mention of how to do this.

gsmmobiledev 22:04, 11 August 2011 (EEST)


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